Trading On Sentiment. The Power Of Minds Over Markets

Trading On Sentiment. The Power Of Minds Over Markets

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In his debut book on trading psychology, Inside the Investor’s Brain, Rich­ard Peterson demonstrated how managing emotions helps top investors outperform


Applying algorithms to so cial media data opened up an unprecedented world of insight into the elusive patterns of investor sentiment driving repeating market moves

Avoid the pitfalls of unique price patterns found in commodities, currencies, and during speculative bubbles Trading on Sentiment deepens your understanding of markets and supplies you with the tools and techniques to beat global markets whether they re going up, down, or sideways.

Based on that data, they put together a market-neutral social media-based hedge fund that beat the S P 500 by more than twenty-four percent through the 2008 financial crisis

In this groundbreaking guide, he shows you how they did it and why it worked

Inside, you gain a privi leged look at the media content that moves investors, along with time-tested techniques to make the smart moves even when it doesn t feel right

It provides the expert guidance you need to develop a competitive edge, manage risk, and overcome our sometimes-flawed human nature

Learn how traders are using sentiment analysis and statistical tools to extract value from media data in order to Foresee important price moves using an understanding of how investors process news

Make more profitable investment decisions by identifying when prices are trending, when trends are turning, and when sharp market moves are likely to reverse

Now, in Trading on Sentiment, he takes you inside the science of crowd psychol ogy and demonstrates that not only do price patterns exist, but the most predictable ones are rooted in our shared human nature

Peterson s team developed text analysis engines to mine data topics, beliefs, and emotions from social media

This book digs underneath technicals and fundamentals to explain the primary mover of market prices the global information flow and how investors react to it

Use media sentiment to improve value and momentum investing returns